Thailand Declares 60 Day State of Emergency For Bangkok

The Thai government declares a 60 day state of emergency for Bangkok to cope with anti-government protest

Bangkok Shutdown! Anti-Government Protesters Started Their Kick-Off Today January 13, 2014

Anti-governement protesters started the big kick-off of Bangkok Shutdown Today!

Major roads were closed and traffic was a mess. The airport, bus and trains are still working

Anti-Government Protesters Fight With Police! 1 Policeman Killed and 100 Injured

Over 100 people are injured and one policeman was killed in anti-government protests. They want to stop new general election for Feb. 2, 2014

Bangkok Overrun By Big Anti-Government Protest March

Bangkok overrun by big ant-governement protest. Thousands of Thai people marched in Bangkok streets against the government. The march was peaceful. Bangkok traffic was in gridlock. The trains was full because people didn’t use their cars. Protest Leaders vow to stop next Feb. 2, 2014 election

Bangkok In Chaos Again! Thai Prime Minister Calls For New Elections

Thousands of Thai people are marching against the government for change in leadership.

Thai prime minister call for new elections

Anti-Governement Protesters Celerbate A Partial Victory

The political situation has eased and fighting stopped for now. The protest leaders say the battle is far from over

Bangkok In Chaos! Bangkok Dangerous!

The situation in Bangkok is very dangerous! Bangkok police are fighting anti-government protesters with tear gas

rubber bullets and water cannons. The clashes are getting worse everyday. The situation is very fluid. Thailand is

still a safe country to visit but Bangkok is dangerous and can change at anytime.  Don’t cancel your trip to

Thailand but instead visit other cities in Thailand. Pattaya and Phuket are very safe and have no problems

4 Dead, 56 Wounded In Bangkok Protest

4 dead, 57 wounded in Bangkok anti-government protest. Bangkok is very

tense with police and anit-governement protesters. Bangkok police fire tear gas at protesters. If in

Bangkok avoid all protest sites and you will have no problems

29 Countries Warn It’s Citizens On Travel To Thailand

A total of 29 countries have warned it’s citizens on travel to Thailand. Most countries have issued only warnings about staying away from protest sites and government agencies. You should have no problems if you stay in the tourist areas and shopping malls in Bangkok.

Thai Prime Minister Invokes Internal Security Act

The prime minister invokes the internal security act to stop people from gathering

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